Helical Bandpass Filter - Alternative Toko type 5HW Filter

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Alternative Toko type 5HW Filter
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    Pin-to-Pin replaced Toko type 5HW Filter


    • Type:Other Filters
    • Helical Filter:Alternative Toko type 5HW Filter

    Key Features

    Temwell design standard RF Helical Bandpass Filter for alternative Toko type filter, such as, 7HW, 7HT, 5HW, 5HT, etc. All ready online for shopping in 72 hours.

    - Tunable, Band-Pass
    - 2 sections (Toko 5HW type)
    - DIP type
    - Size: LxWxH : 11.2x5.6x8.6 mm
    - Temperature support up to -35°C to +85°C
    - Impedance:  50Ω / 75Ω
    - Power 1-5W
    - High "Q", Flat Ripple
    - Toko, Sumida & Murata replacement *PIN to PIN

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    • Payment Terms:Other ,TT
    • Minimum Order:10 Piece(s)